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The Web and Creative services team manages websites for the college. Here, you will find information on who in your unit is a website editor, where to find tutorials for new editors, and how to request edits. Whether your unit website is hosted on our primary platform or sites.psu, we’re here to assist you.

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Need to make an edit to content on the college website or the Admin Gateway

Need to make an edit to your unit’s website?

Need a detailed edit and want to schedule a meeting with a member of the web team?

Website Editors

Our unit websites play an important role in our marketing to prospective students and faculty. Each unit has at least one web editor responsible for keeping the unit’s website content accurate and engaging.

Website editors gain access to their sites once directed to the web team by their department or unit head. Before gaining edit access to a website, they are required to complete these tutorials and agree to adhere to Penn State’s accessibility and brand standards.

These tutorials are available anytime, serving as a helpful reference for experienced editors too.

Sites at Penn State

Websites not chosen for our primary hosting platform, will be hosted on sites.psu.