Office of Strategic Communications
Brand Guide


Academic Marks

The most important element of our visual identity is our University mark (or academic mark), which is made up of the Nittany Lion shield and logotype. The College of the Liberal Arts has its own mark, which is to be used on promotional materials created by the college and by academic and administrative units within the college.

Casey Sennett (left) and Ima Bazan (right) study on the steps of Old Main while wearing clothing branded with the College of the Liberal Arts mark.

Unit Wordmarks

The College of the Liberal Arts is home to many schools, departments, programs, centers, and institutes covering a wide variety of areas of focus. Because of the vastness of the college, it’s important that all of our units have a shared visual identity that makes it easy for our audiences to recognize the unit as being one of our own.

In addition to using the college mark, Liberal Arts units should use their college-approved wordmark on promotional materials. Unit wordmarks have been created by the Office of Strategic Communications for all college-level schools, departments, programs, and centers and can be requested for department-level units.

All Liberal Arts unit wordmarks are available for your use in the shared Canva account. You can download Liberal Arts unit wordmarks for other uses as well.

What’s the difference between a logo and a wordmark?

A logo is a symbol made up of text, shapes, and/or images. Penn State does not allow the use of logos.

A wordmark is just stylized text and is permitted by Penn State.