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The vast majority of the templates we’ve created can be found in the shared Canva account, including templates for programs, Microsoft Form backgrounds, flyers, invitations, signs, and more.

All Liberal Arts employees at Penn State University Park who are responsible for creating promotional materials for their unit may utilize the Liberal Arts Office of Strategic Communications’ paid Canva account. Canva is an online graphic design website that makes the process of creating flyers, posters, programs, social media posts, and other promotional materials easier and more efficient

In addition to the Canva templates, we offer PowerPoint and Zoom templates.

PowerPoint Templates

Although their use is not mandatory, the use of our templates helps create professional presentations that consistently represent the college to internal and external audiences. In order to comply with Penn State’s brand standards, using Franklin Gothic and Rockwell are recommended since these fonts are included within Microsoft products like PowerPoint.

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Liberal Arts Templates

PennState Templates

PowerPoint Tips

  • Include the college mark: The Penn State Liberal Arts mark should at least be used on the title slide.
  • Introduce yourself: Include the name of the presentation and the presenter with the title and department name.
  • Connect with the audience: The last slide should contain contact information (address, phone, website, email, social media).
  • Build a strong presentation: Keep your points simple and use examples.
  • Less is more: Your background and images shouldn’t detract from the content. Images should be used to support and visually explain the text.

Zoom Templates

Zoom Intro Slides

You are welcome to use any of the PowerPoint templates above in your virtual meetings and events. However, we also have a Zoom intro slide template available for download. You can also find the template in our shared Canva account in the Templates folder.

Zoom Backgrounds

We have created some fun Zoom backgrounds for students, faculty, and staff to use during Zoom meetings. You can download them here or find them in our shared Canva account in the Templates folder.

Penn State also created Zoom backgrounds, which you are welcome to use. To ensure backgrounds display properly, uncheck the “mirror my video” option in your Zoom virtual background settings.

Adding Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature

Follow these step-by-step instructions to add social media icons to your email signature in Outlook, which in turn will help promote our college’s social media accounts to both your internal and external email recipients.

  1. Click one of the brand color options listed below to download social media icons to insert into your email signature.  Beaver Blue  |  Nittany Navy  |  PA Sky
  2. In the SharePoint folder tab that opens, click the Download button in the top banner. Extract the .zip folder download to wherever you would like the images saved.
  3. Open a new email in Outlook, click on the down arrow below Signature in the Message toolbar at the top, and then click Signatures…
  4. Click to the right of the last letter of the last word on the last line of your current signature and hit the Enter key.
  5. Click the icon in the top right corner above your signature to insert a picture.
  6. Navigate to the folder you saved the extracted icons to and select all social media icons you would like to include in your signature. Then, click the Insert button in the bottom right corner.
  7. Click on the first of the icons you just inserted to see a dotted-line box appear around it. Right-click on the icon and click Picture… from the drop-down menu that appears.
  8. In the Format Picture window, click the Size tab at the top and under Scale change the height from 100% to 60%. It should automatically change the width to 60%, too. Put a lower or higher % if you want the icons smaller or larger. Click OK. Repeat this step for all icons.
  9. Click again on the first icon. Then right-click and click Link from the drop-down menu. Copy and paste the social media account’s shareable URL in the Address blank. Click OK. Repeat this step for all icons.
  10. Once all the icons you want to be included in your email signature have been inserted, resized, and linked, they should all appear in a straight line. Click OK to save your changes. Close out the new email and open another new email. Your new email signature should now have the social media icons included.

If you have any questions or concerns during the process of adding social media icons to your personalized email signature, please

Printing Services

Not sure where to get your flyers or programs printed? The University’s Multimedia and Print Center has a Print Portal. They can also help with graphic design and facilitating large mailings.

Ordering Letterhead

Printed Letterhead

You can order printed letterhead and envelopes through Multimedia and Print Center. (You will need to log in to see this webpage.) All the letterhead you order from them will have the correct Penn State mark. If that doesn’t work, you can go to their main website ( and click on Order University Stationery on the right-hand side. Enter in the information the form requests. At some point in the process you’re able to see a proof. Take a screen shot of that proof if you plan to also order electronic letterhead.

Electronic Letterhead

Email and CC: Linda Lykens ( She will probably request a sample of what you want, so send her the screenshot of the proof or just tell her the information you want. The electronic letterhead costs $25 and is not meant to be printed. If you want to print letters with the letterhead on it, you will need to order physical letterhead.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Multimedia and Print Center directly at 814-865-7544.

Working with Student Organizations

While student organizations are encouraged to follow Penn State visual and editorial standards, they are not required to do so. However, there are a couple of instances when student organizations need to comply with these standards in order to work with units in our college.

We want to ensure that all communications coming from official Liberal Arts units and listservs are on brand. If your unit is co-sponsoring an event with a student org, promotional materials for that event need to be submitted for UBR approval by our office. You should submit the UBR request, not the student.

If a student organization asks you to share a promotional material they created through your unit’s listserv, it is appropriate to request that they update their graphic or text to comply with visual or editorial standards.

Student organizations have the opportunity to request an official wordmark through the Office of Student Activities. They can do so by emailing More information about student organization wordmarks can be found on the Guidelines for Student Organization Marketing page of the Student Affairs website.

If you have any questions about working with a student org, please